The 29´th of September, the day for the release of my new download album here You´ll find my name on a cover, go in there and press the botton at the title "When I was YOUNG I always dreamed about You".

Via Presswire, you´ll hear more about it...And in the DigiButik, I have some of the story behind the music and what it is about me and angels... - There is a big surprice, about the cd.- I´ts directly recorded, in 1981, so its the originalle recording from back then, only it has been mastered in a studio, in 2014 ;)  You can also listen to my first cd, called "A place where we can all be happy, " a regularly, - studio cd, with two studio musicians. Both download cdés or tracks, is for download sale in every digital stores. Spotify, iTunes , and, so on...  You´ll find them with my photo and name, Anne Lykke Langloe and the title, on the cover. Soon, I´ll tell you more about this homepage, in english. Write me, if you have something proper, to say. My emailadress is :) Or, - You can write in the marked field here below, this side... Where the danish text says :"Skriv kommentar". Maybe you would like me, to sell some physical cd´s in post order on :D

I know I need to edit this page :) Have patience :)